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P.L.A.Y. Footprints Dog Bed

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We love dogs and are passionately committed to providing the best eco-friendly products available in the market.   Our products are fully vetted, tested and approved by eco-pet-experts to ensure every product on our site meets our high quality and eco-pet standards and most importantly - are loved by dogs!  We want to share our love for dogs and our passion to protect our environment with you. 

What Is Hypoallergenic Pet Bedding?

Pets, like humans, can suffer from allergies. Medi-Vet, an online resource for pet medications and health, reports the incidence of pet allergies seems to be on the rise...

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Raised Pet Dishes - The Best Dog-Friendly Feeding Option

Raised or elevated pet dishes are a much better choice when it comes to feeding dogs, for a variety of reasons. 

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About Plastic Dog Bowls

Plastic dog bowls are dangerous and can severely harm your dog's health. Unlike ceramic, stoneware or steel dog bowls, plastic dog bows harbor bacteria in the cracks and crevices that are dangerous to your dog's health. 

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