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We love dogs and are passionately committed to providing the best eco-friendly products available in the market.   Our products are fully vetted, tested and approved by eco-pet-experts to ensure every product on our site meets our high quality and eco-pet standards and most importantly - are loved by dogs!  We want to share our love for dogs and our passion to protect our environment with you. 

What's Happening Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

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What Is Hypoallergenic Pet Bedding?

Pets, like humans, can suffer from allergies. Medi-Vet, an online resource for pet medications and health, reports the incidence of pet allergies seems to be on the rise...

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Raised Pet Dishes - The Best Dog-Friendly Feeding Option

Raised or elevated pet dishes are a much better choice when it comes to feeding dogs, for a variety of reasons. 

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