Big Shrimpy And SmartFill

Big Shrimpy And SmartFill

What’s so Smart about SmartFill, anyway?
SmartFill is Big Shrimpy’s proprietary blend of clean polyester fiber waste. Many types of manufacturers utilize polyester fiber as padding in products. After the polyester fiber is cut to the size needed, leftover fiber remains. This clean waste is chopped and blended to make SmartFill have the ideal consistency for both loft and support.

Machine Washable and Dryable

SmartFill is completely machine washable and dryable, just like the cover and inner liner of a Big Shrimpy bed. Although you can wash our bed covers at home, we recommend that you wash the SmartFill at a laundromat. Washing and drying instructions


Now, with our FullCircleTM recycling program, if for whatever reason you want to part with your Big Shrimpy bed, you can send it to us and we will recycle the outer fabrics and SmartFill back into a reusable fiber. Recycling instructions

Less Energy

Less energy is used making SmartFill than making virgin fiber or fiber from plastic bottles. Most recycled filling is made from plastic bottles, which require lots of energy to melt and reprocess into fiber. Our process simply collects existing clean leftover fiber pieces from a few different waste streams. Then the different fibers are blended to create the filling placed in our beds. 

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